Soul Journey
Judgment is like a bad prayer.
March 1, 2017 Soul Journey
Where do we begin?  How many times do we judge ourselves or others? The answer, always.  But who gets more of your criticism, is it other people or yourself?  Knowing where you place the most judgm... Read More
Manifesting good things
May 24, 2016 Soul Journey
Recently, I have begun teaching the Seals of Solomon. This is very powerful information and technique. While so many people are busy looking for an “experience”, this is a class with dee... Read More
The Art of “Holding Space”
May 6, 2016 Soul Journey
I had the luxury today of going to lunch with my teacher, and my friend. She has taught me so many things as she has taught tens of thousands of other students. She teaches me in so many ways! One ... Read More