Escape the prison of the mind, wake up in dream time!

January 17, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Soul Journey


Have you ever had a dream that you connected with on such a deep level that when you woke up you questioned which experience is more real, waking or dreaming?  The answer as best as I can determine is that both dreamtime and 3 d is real.  Each one is just as real as the other.  The trick is to stay awake while traveling the astral plane of the dreamtime experience.  Develop a clear line of communication between your astral body and your conscious mind. When this is established, retaining the astral travel knowledge and bringing it back to your waking self.


To begin unlocking this astral world and bringing the information you gain on the astral plane back to your conscious waking life here is a guide.  Depending on how awake you already are in dreamtime, some of these things maybe challenging.  But stick with it, and you will see the quantum jumps in your awareness.

  1. Work on making the final meal of the evening a light one. Heavier meals lead to dropping into lower astral levels which is where the nightmares resonate.
  2. Be aware of your mental state when going to bed. If you can take a moment and walk barefoot on the grass or do some simple stretching and breathing before going to bed.
  3. When you retire, have your mind clear. If you are still running through the day’s activities when you go to bed, then this will be reflected in dream time.  If your subconscious is still working to clear itself, then you will not reach the astral plane.  If you need to play some classical music or solfeggio frequencies to help clear the mind, do so.
  4. When you drift off to sleep instruct yourself – “When I am dreaming, I will know it and wake up within my dream. When I come back here I will remember what happened in dreamtime.”  Repeat this to yourself as you are drifting off to sleep.  For some people this will work the first time right off the bat.  If this is not you, remember that you may have a lot of energy to move to allow you subconscious to be awake in dream time, stick with it.
  5. When you wake up, do not move, just remember keywords from your dream. When you are in that moment between wake and sleep you still have one foot in the astral.  This is the best place to remember your dream.

On the astral plane, we receive knowledge in many ways.  Rather than words, colors, objects, numbers and scents maybe used to communicate with you.  Pay attention to this.  It is not just the number 3 itself, but you may see something 3 times.  Learn to interpret the information your astral teachers are giving you.

  1. After a few weeks of taking notes on your dreams, even if all you have is keywords, look for a reoccurring pattern. Depending on how much information you are bringing back, it may take longer than a few weeks. Stick with it!  If you see a reoccurring pattern, color, person or object, this is known as your initiator element.  You will then know that the initiator element is your doorway to the astral plane, and can be used while in the 3d as well.  If you wake up in the middle of the night, and want to return to the same dream, just call forth your initiator element. Then you should go right back to the same dream.   Basically, your initiator element allows you to move freely in and out of the astral realms and lucid dreaming, lucid, .


Your sleep space-

Want to make your sleep space more conducive to jumping into the astral plane while sleeping?

  1. Clear the clutter.
  2. Place orgonite under your bed. I have some special gemstones beside my bed.  I clean and charge them on a regular basis.
  3. Simple colors for your bed linens. Primary colors rather than muted colors.  My favorite is a healing blue.
  4. A comfortable bed facing North, in a well ventilated slightly cool room.
  5. Keep a dream journal close to your bed.
  6. Add a touch of lavender to your pillow.


I have created some products that support meditation, dreamtime and astral travel.  Dreamwalker blend has the herb called Leaf of God.  It took me quite awhile to blend this herb to create a pleasant taste, alone it is terribly bitter. It’s companion is the essential oil blend called Visionquest which has clary sage essential oil which is know by Shamans to separate the mind from the body, in a base of walnut oil to help it pass the blood brain barrier. Powerful enhancers!   Check them out here. 




Happy dreaming!!!!