Judgment is like a bad prayer.

March 1, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Soul Journey

Where do we begin?  How many times do we judge ourselves or others? The answer, always.  But who gets more of your criticism, is it other people or yourself?  Knowing where you place the most judgment will help you identify it and eliminate it.  We are coming through this change of the ages, a big universal cycle, the age of Aquarius, the end of the Mayan Calendar, the coming of the rainbow warriors!  The world is really shifting.  A lot of light workers have placed themselves on the planet right now to help hold the space and the energy to help us shift out of the lower vibrations.  They have come in with the ability to release their judgments and holding the energy for many of us to move through and release our judgments in an unprecedented way.  Now if you have not worked on your judgments yet, I am going to tell you, the more you hold onto judgment, the more you are holding yourself back.  Because every time you have a judgment, “Oh, I could have done that better, Oh, I cannot believe she is wearing that.  Oh, can you believe she said that, Oh, can you believe I said that.”  Judgment is like a bad prayer.


Instead of asking for the highest goodness or wellness, what you are doing is confirming, that either for yourself or someone else, is that they are not worthy of good things.  It is a prayer in reverse aka a curse.  You surely do not want to participate in this energy.  You have to remember your thoughts are actually things.   And when you think without using the best light, what you are doing is casting fear and darkness.  Do you really want to be a beacon of darkness?  I do not think you do.  I also think that if you are here and you are reading this now, that you are ready to let go of any judgments you hold and help others do the same.  If you are ready to move through this, then you ready to heal yourself.


I want you to think of life like it is a theater.  When you are in the audience, you can see the actors on stage.  You can see the character that they are portraying, the costume that they are wearing, and the way the set is lit.  But what you do not see while sitting in the audience is what is going on backstage.  You do not see the seamstress that made and tends to the costumes, you do not see the set designers that create the set or the stage hands that build it, and you did not see that theater when it was empty and nothing on the stage. It took the efforts of many to create this whole experience.  So it is like this, when you see somebody, you are seeing them in that moment.  You are not seeing what brought them into that moment; you are just seeing their avatar.


You have no idea what blessings and lessons they agreed to, for their soul to grow, while being human.  Judgment seems to come to mind much easier than a multidimensional glace into someone’s life.  It is very easy to look at a homeless person and judge them about what brought them to that point in life.  It is very easy to look at a homeless person and think, lazy bum, they need to get a job.  Or, maybe you skim over the judgment and say “hey bro, here’s a dollar”, and go on about your day, meanwhile hoping they do not spend your money unwisely.  Or maybe you just walk by and not even give them a “hey bro” figuring there is nothing you can do to change the situation.


One of the embodiments of judgment that I see that gives me the chills every time I see it is something that I see mainly when I am using Facebook.  There will be a post about an animal abuser or abusers in general, you see these comments like, “Oh, if I get ahold of them blah, blah, blah, I would beat them, I would do the worst thing possible to them, and all these judgmental statements.”  What is not realized when they post such things is, that they are bringing themselves to the same energy level as the abuser.  I understand it is difficult to look at a photo of a child or a critter that has been done horribly wrong and not have an emotional reaction, however, to allow that emotional reaction to permit you to create a thought that is anything but a good prayer is falling into judgment, and being used as a tool to create more black magic and curses.  Allow this emotional reaction to find deep love in your heart to send to the situation, and know that something you see on facebook really has nothing to do with your everyday life.  Do not allow these posts to let you reach a angry or frustration on any level, allow them to use your heart to generate more love and make way for change in the human evolution.  A wise woman I know always says, “Love it out of your life.”


In your life when you are faced with situations find the higher reaction, look at the person who is the most difficult to love and hold space for their love and healing.  Letting go of judgment is really one of the most difficult processes we need to work on.  I honestly think we were born on this planet judging.  Of all the topics I speak about and help people with in a session, judgment is one of the most difficult to help people through.  Literally, it seems to be engrained in us to judge others and ourselves constantly.  Judgment is however, one of the Jinga tower pieces, that once removed allows so much other negative behaviors and thoughts to fall away.  One thing I notice when I work with people is that when I help them move past judgment, it will start to deactivate other things like anger and fear.  I feel that judgment is one of the most important things to tackle.


Self-judgment is one of the first things to disable.  When you can to get to a point to be able to look at yourself, your thoughts, your actions and have understanding and forgiveness for yourself this will begin to disable self-judgment.  Please know in your heart that this is more than just a suggestion, I implore you to do this for yourself before you die.  If you are unable to get through self-judgment in a given situation, I find that these situations turn into repeating patterns that become more difficult each time they reoccur.  From what I understand, when we pass over we enter this 360 degree life review.  We get to see, experience and feel, not only everything we have done, and how it impacted our lives, but also how it affected others.  What ripples are you creating with your actions?  Let’s just say that one day you are in the supermarket in line and there is this woman with a screaming child, she is frustrated and things are just not really going well for her.  You are behind her in a hurry, and waiting because her situation and you roll your eyes or maybe make a remark about how ill behaved her child is, then she goes out to the car and whops her child.  During this 360 life review, what you are going to feel is the whopping that child got because of your judgment.


Okay, instead let’s say you are in line and you hold space for love and then send love and peace to calm this child, then to the mother and smile at her.  That peace and love that they feel from you is what you will experience during your 360 life review.  It is like this, when you die you will have this 360 life review and you are going to feel all the reactions of your actions.  All those ripples that you created will be felt by you and my understanding is that you pretty much feel them all at once.  It is a pretty amazing and intense thing.  And as one final judgment, you are asked to judge yourself.  Can you forgive yourself for all the bad ripples you created in this lifetime?


As such, when I tell you about this, not as just a mere suggestion, I am actually imploring that you do this before you die.  Examine your judgments.  Forgive yourself for what you have done wrong in the past.  Forgive others for what they have said and done that harmed you.  Start working on the deactivation of your judgments from here on out.  This will help deactivate the anger and the fear, as I have said.  Learn to accept yourself just as you are.  Unconditional love, acceptance, gratitude for yourself and then others, this will begin to break up that pattern of judgment.   It will change the ripples you create in this lifetime.


Let us go back to the example of the facebook abuser.  This example is a tough one because when you examine it, at first, all you see is the little snapshot of this person and their horrific action, who harmed a child or animal, it is very difficult to grab your judgment before it gets ahold of you. What you have to remember is that you are not their judge and jury.  You just are not.  You must remember that you really do not know the whole situation.  You do not know what those people are doing or what they are going through or even if they might have been set up.   You do not have a full report on the entire situation.  And then you have to take into account that we often have unrealistic expectations of people.  We do not know what type of environment that abuser came from, and if that abuser knew how to act in any kind of different way.   And quite possibly the one who was abused had a spiritual contract to incarnate, be abused, so that the abusers patterns could be broken.  They may have just come in to teach others compassion.


When you feel that you are superior to someone else because your circumstances are different, this is judgment.  When you stand on another to lift yourself up, this is false.  When you close down to the many possibilities and jump to a place of judgment you are keeping yourself from being in a place that could actually improve the situation.  There is an exercise that you can do that will help you move past your judgment, it will help you release and move past your judgmental thoughts. This exercise works more with the judgments you hold of others.  What you do in this exercise is, go to a place where there are plenty of people that are unknown to you, then sit down and just observe.


Take your time with this and just pick one person.  Start by working on your empathy and I promise you if you are judging, you are not at an understanding level of conciouness.  Empathy gives one ability to feel deeply and understand more than just the snapshot of what they are seeing and go behind the scenes of that snapshot.  I once heard it said that the definition of evil is someone who lacks empathy.  For this exercise  start out by sitting in a corner table at a not so local café and then you see a homeless person, sitting across the street begging for change, because we all need a little change, right?  You then look at that person and you say to yourself, “This person really wants happiness just like I do.  This person really does not want pain in their life, just like me.”    This person has known sadness and loneliness, illness and despair, just like me.  All this person really wants is their needs met.  This person has agreed to certain life lessons, just like me.  Now, in your mind, imagine their story, what brought them to this moment in time?  After you have spent some time with them, move on to another person.


When you start wrapping your mind around this exercise, you are going to start releasing and letting go of some of these judgments.  You will put a pause button on that judgment statement in your mind before it comes out in your ego and you start to feel superior.  And you will then start empathizing with that person.  You will start to have compassion for that person and you will start to see behind the scenes of that person’s life, instead of on the stage in that theater at that moment in time.


Addressing self judgement is also an important part of this exercise of the mind.  As these self-judgments come up, “I should lose weight, I could’ve done that better, I should have said this”, the would’ve, could’ve, should’ve, they are the worst words in the English language.  As these judgments come up, address them in your mind and let yourself know, I did my best.  So I forgive myself, even if I did not have a good outcome.  I also forgive everyone else involved especially if the outcome was not what I expected.


I forgive myself for not losing weight yetBut I know it is important so I will continue to work on it.

Remember that the past is the past, and the future is in the past, it is done.  All you have is this now moment.  So work on the now moment and make it better, now.  When you knock out one judgment and then another, it starts to become easier to tear them down and break through that judgment wall your mind has built.  The more of these judgments start to knock out, the more peace comes to your mind and then your life.  And as you begin to hold more peace in your mind, good things come in and stay for awhile.  For change to happen, this space can be a catalyst for all things to change for the better.  This brings in space for love, and remember that love is a powerful thing.  Then I want you to get off your ass and do something useful to help lessen the pain in this world.  Instead of just holding the space within yourself and in your mind, make this world a better place.  Help yourself and then others get to that better place.  Do it without ego or the need for acknowledgment.  Do it because when you improve the mental and emotional space around you, the karma on the whole planet improves.  That, my dear, will give you incredible ripples in that 360 life review.  Remember, do good and love one another.  Have faith that everything is going to be amazing.  Peace y’all.