Remove your Chakras?

December 28, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Soul Journey



Have you heard about removing your chakras?  Someone told me about this about a year ago, they sent me some links and I watched a few and the people that said they had their chakras removed and they felt so much better.  I just looked at the videos and said, “Yeah, no.  I do not resonate on any level with these people.”   However, recently I was listening to some videos of someone I was resonating with and in one of the videos; they started talking about how they had had their chakras removed.  Now, I found this to be a little disturbing.  So I decided to research it.  What is going on with this chakra removal?  Why would people think (a) they should do it; and (b) think that removing them would be good?


What I found out is that there are really two different answers that were given as to why they were doing the chakra removal.  The first one given is that it was too much maintenance to balance their chakras.  They want to move onto the higher dimensions and higher realms and they do not want to have to worry about day to day maintenance.   That is like saying, “I want to go to graduate school, but let’s not bother with high school.”  Generally, it does not work that way.  Others are saying that the chakras are an energy connection to the matrix.  This I know about and understand.  There are seven major chakras and there are over 200 acupressure points which are really mini chakras.  By having these chakras and acupressure points open we are actually influenced and influencing the people around us.  So, it is like this, when someone is having a bad day, we can take on some of that negative energy when those people get in our field, more so if we are empathic.  Our energy centers spin in a circle creating a vortex.  Your seven major chakras are programmed at birth to spin in this circular vortex motion.  As such, we are not only taking in ambient energy with this vortex, anything, AND I DO MEAN ANYTHING, can reach in and mess with our bio-computer, so to speak.


I have learned a different maintenance technique for maintaining chakras as opposed to removal of them.  This particular technique presented by Stewart Swerdlow,  allows you to stay safe and protected from these other energies while keeping you balanced and protected.  What you do to achieve this is see the chakras stacked, creating a toroidal field within each chakra where on the outside it would look similar to a tube of life savers.  As we are doing this, we are then spinning all the chakras to the left or right depending on what they want to achieve with their energy.  We then surround that with a cylinder of silver while surrounding that with the colors that protect and keep you grounded, such as golden brown.  Presently, it is my opinion from all the research I have done, having your chakras removed or shut down may not be in your best interest.  I would also think long and hard before I made that decision as there is an easy way around it.  I do agree with the fact that chakras should not spin like vortexes, leaving them open to take in anything ambient that comes your way.  But if you feel that having your chakras removed is the route for you, then kudos to you and good luck.  But if you do not, just know that there are other ways to spin your chakras and protect yourself.



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